What I’ve learned from walking for 540 straight days

Ahskendrick/ March 2, 2023/ HEARTcare

Most of all, I learned that walking was an easy way for me to restore my overall well-being. My mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health has steadily improved since January 2021, and my family doctor noticed this progress during my yearly physical. I don’t believe that walking every day is the magic wand that will work for everyone, but it has made a real difference for me.

Self-Care Tips

Ahskendrick/ December 5, 2022/ HEARTcare, Uncategorized

By Aurélia Mir-Orefice, HEARTcare Project Research Assistant Aurélia Mir-Orefice is an MSc student at the University of Calgary specializing in School and Child Psychology. Her graduate research focuses on the development of handwriting and vocabulary in elementary school children. After going through the COVID-19 pandemic, taking care of one’s mental health has been put forth as a priority. There are

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