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  • 3 Tips in Choosing a Mental Health Professional For Therapy

    Exploring professional or expert strategies? Read this blog post by study research assistant and Werklund School of Education doctoral student, Rachel Pagaling for tips.

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  • HEARTCARE Planning Toolkit – INDIVIDUAL

    How do you fill in the HEARTcare planning template? Blogger Nadeen Halls shows you how an expert gets it done.

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  • Building Back from Burnout

    Compassion fatigue is the cost of caring, or the emotional and mental exhaustion experienced by a caregiver who deals with students who have experienced a traumatic event. Burnout is the result of long term, unmitigated stress, and both mental health problems are occupational hazards in caregiving professions. As educational caregivers, teachers and other educational workers, are expected to provide the emotional labour necessary to ensure that their classrooms and schools are safe, happy, and caring environments for students regardless of their own emotional or mental state.

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  • Professor Snape and Compassion Fatigue, an illustrative example from fiction

    Professor Snape, of the Harry Potter Series, is a fictional caricature that is a good metaphor for the collision between compassion fatigue and burnout. As a result, he causes far more harm than good for his students.

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