What is HEARTcare?

HEARTcare is purposely investigating and implementing supports and resources available to educational workers.

The original Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Emotional Labour study reports can be found under Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three Executive Summary. The open-access, peer-reviewed study can be found under Common Grounds publishing.

Create a HEARTcare plan to figure out how you respond to occupational stress and distress, ways to identify crisis and trauma work, and investigate available interventions to restore or maintain your emotional and mental health.

Trauma work involves working with children, youth, or other adults who disclose a traumatic event to you. Traumatic events are highly charged experiences that trigger an intense response from the student or your colleague.

Crisis work involves working with children or youth during a traumatic event, like a fire, flood, or other natural disaster. It can also refer to working with a student who is behaving violently towards themselves or others.

Ahh, that’s where HEART comes from…
  1. School interventions are meant to create a positive workplace for students and staff alike.
  2. System interventions are policies that prioritize and resource student and employee wellness.
  3. Professional interventions involve accessing expert assistance to improve employee wellbeing
  4. Individual interventions require understanding and prioritizing self-care as related to occupational health.
  5. Educational worker interventions acknowledge the unique crisis and trauma work provided in school or learning environments.

Funding for the Compassion Fatigue, Emotional Labour, and Burnout Study was provided by the Alberta Teachers Association and the Alberta School Employee Benefits Plan.